Build simple flows to discover how your body works and feels in this grounding practice. Learn to connect your breath to movement. Guided breathing techniques aid in reliving stress through standing postures. Accessible and engaging for all levels of students. Room is moderately heated.



Find freedom in your body through flowing movement, connecting asana and breath through fresh uplifting music.  A vigorous style of yoga, Vinyasa will test your strength, balance and flexibility, while creating internal heat. Vinyasa is open to all levels and will connect you to your own intuitive practice. Energizing Music. Room is heated to 85+ 



The foundation of all our vinyasa classes. Ashtanga yoga, explores sun salutations, ujjayi breath, energy locks and vinyasas. Synchronizing breath with a progressive series of postures, this class is designed for students of all levels who want to increase endurance and quiet the mind.  Room is moderately heated.

Rock N Flow Vinyasa


Find freedom in your body through the hard and soft of yoga while rocking out to some of your favorite jams. This class is a blend of strength and flexibility built with the athlete in mind. Energizing Music. Class is heated to 90


Gentle Flow


This slow paced yoga class is designed to assist students in finding mental and physical balance through grounded postures and breathing techniques to reduce stress. Build simple flows and move with your breath to discover how your body works and feels in this grounding practice.  Asanas are primarily floor-based, reclined, or seated with few if any standing poses. You will work, at a low-intensity level. Accessible and engaging for all levels of students. Not heated.

Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra is intended to induce full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. Bringing an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity Yoga Nidra assists students with relaxation. As one of the deepest of all meditations, the practice leads awareness through many levels of mental process to a state of supreme stillness and insight. Fully grounded, accessible to all levels. Not heated.

Restorative Yin


A restorative yoga practice designed to ease our active bodies and minds. Yin affects the deeper fibers of our connective tissue to give us a serene, relaxation effect. All postures are practiced on the floor in a seated or lying position, with each posture being held for 3 to 5 minutes. Restorative Yin is the perfect compliment to our Vinyasa and Essentials classes as a restorative measure to keep our bodies in check, allowing us to practice yoga for years to come. Room is lightly warmed 75-78

Slow Burn


This class combines elements of Vinyasa and Gentle Flow for accessible sequences built with the intention to deeply feel and connect to your body through meaningful movement. Through grounded yet challenging postures, internal heat is created, allowing for a greater release both physically and mentally. Room is heated to 90+